Racing Toys

Mouse or keyboard for menus
Arrow Keys or WASD - Steering
Space - use Power-up
Tab - pause menu
M - toggle music and sfx on/off


In this challenging and fun racing game you won't drive a shiny new Lambo. Instead, you take your toys and race on the surface of a desk, bathroom floor or kitchen table.
Earn cash to buy new vehicles, maps and modes. Beat the computer-controlled opponents and, if you think you're good enough, try to score the best time of the day in an Online Challenge mode, where you play against a ghost of the fastest racer of the day.

- 6 maps in three different environments,
- 4 customizable vehicles,
- 3 playing modes - Classic Race (vs AI), Time Attack (beat your best time), Online Challenge (compete with other players for Best Daily  Time)
- Time attack and online challenge modes show a ghost of the best time.
- Smart AI that reacts to player's actions and environment around,
- Physics-based driving system,
- Auto saves and fullscreen mode.

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